Meet Dominique

IHey i'm Dominique before anything else.


Then i'm an ICU senior nurse, Author, sister, daughter, aunty and friend. 

I aim to not just help myself to live but to encourage others to rise above the challenges of our life and mind. After many years of struggling with anxiety and depression I have decided to try and rise above that feeling of being anxious for every step I made or make.


I have  found that the best thing for me was to be around things and people that bring me joy.


I've never been perfect but I’m trying to be the best me. By trying to be the best me I fall sometimes, and my mind tries to remind me that I will fail every time, but I remind myself that I've GOT THIS and so have you.


"Your mind and people will always try and tell you that you cant do this..


But im telling you that you've got this!!"

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"It's hard sometimes to go through things that make you wonder if this life?

these things help you to grow to help others.

Dont be so hard on yourself. You've got this!!"

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